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Nick Ayton

Tech Entrepreneur, Deep Tech Influencer, Blockchain Thought Leader, Quantum believer…

An Internationally recognised technology futurist, Nick delivers talks, lectures and advises businesses about the fundamental impact of technology on their operating models, their customers and top line. Having spent more than 4 decades in technology he has the knack of making the complex feel familiar and he really gets your thinking…

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4 decades at the forefront of Tech

Top 5 Global Blockchain Thought Leader

Nick Ayton is a trusted adviser to Family Offices, Boardrooms and Government. As a global technology citizen he delivers unique insights about the impact of technology, helps organisations prepare for what is to come, and redesigns business models so they are able to scale at pace…

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“We were so fortunate to not only have Nick Ayton as Keynote on our Global Accelerator Program but also Keynote at our Global Investor Summit in London on 17th July 2019. Working with Nick is so inspirational I was indeed taken with his knowledge, experience and expertise, an outstanding speaker, both charming and entertaining”

Karen Melonie Gould

“A crash course on Quantum Computing, its allure and reach. Nick will set you right where technology is today and where it will take you next. Dive into various universes that will open up what you’ll learn.Beware you may need to rethink your plans!”

Cristian ‘C’
UC Berkeley Parent

“Nick has a way of getting through to audiences by scaring them a little, then making them laugh. A thought leader and futurist I very much enjoy listening to him”

Chief Investment Officer
Middle East Family Officer

“Nick is one of the few people that can explain the complex so I can immediately grasp its importance.”

David Tice

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Deep Tech will eat away you profits, stealing your customers and hack your IP…

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For his clients Nick:

  • Designs new decentralised operating models that outperform traditional models

  • Explains the opprtunities and threats of Deep Tech to accelerate performance

  • Creates new economies and collaborative business models that scale at pace to millions of users

  • Helps to 10x the Customer Experience and more than halve operating costs

  • Designs and implements solutions to make your organisation “Quantum Safe”

Selection of Keynote Topics:

  • The impact of Deep Tech on everything

  • Why Quantum Computing will destroy your business

  • The real Existential Threat of AI

  • How to benefit from the 4th Wealth Creation Revolution

  • Why Decentralised Business Models always outperform traditional operating models

  • Why eveything will be digitised, and not just Bitcoin

  • The myths and realities of Smart Cities…

If you’d like to get in touch with Nick about speaking at your event or working with your organization, please contact via:

+44 7717 493125