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Nick has the rare ability to make the complex understandable, connect the technology dots and give real examples of what is coming and how to deal with it.

Nick is a real technologist having studied computer science in the 1970’s he’s seen every wave come and go – from mainframes to PCs, to handholds to the Internet, from Ai to Quantum computation, from silicon to graphene and biological DNA computing…

A writer of some note Nick covers a wide range of topics from the nuts and bolts of Generative AI, what happens at Zero Gravity, the full impact of Technology on Culture and Behaviours and whats wrong with NFTS and Blockchain.

Nick is currently making a TV Docu-Series that follows amazing Inventors and their inventions to ensure these exponential breakthroughs will be available for everyone, a series that is part of a trans media project he’s written – comprising a TV Series – tech, drama, thriller in production, and a soon to be released Graphic Novel – that delivers a Man vests AGI plot.

What is coming

Nick feels our technological progress has been slow and quotes a handful of defining inventions that has advanced humanity, but non in recent years other than the Quantum Circuit (invented in 1936 by Alan Turing) that promises to unlock so much potential and help solve humanities hard problems.

He states some of the biggest technological advancements have come in synthetic biology and material science and only now do we have the means to understand life itself and confirm our place in amongst the stars.

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