...we have arrived at an All at Once technology future...


Nick Ayton

Prepare to have what you think you know about buisness and technology challenged.. 















 Business models, the theory of management and how work is packaged to be done is old fashioned and no loger fit for purpose. The pandemic effect has acted as an accelerator for change – showing the gaping holes in some industry models and how others simply no longer work. Organisations will soon have their operating models ransomed (Ransomware-as-a-Service) are also held hostage by Big Tech, who have hard wired inefficiencies into our business models,  forcing us to buy the latest technologies that deliver zero or at most small incremental improvements in performance. 










































































Several pervasive technologies have arived at the ‘station’ all at once. Each one offering a significant opportunity to do things differently, to improve performance and gain a competitive advantage. Some will make the difference for corporate survival wile others will accelerate the demise of an entire sector. 
































































































































“Classical Computing has reach its physical limit as quantum mechanics moves everything to the atomic level, harnessing the brute force power of Quantum Computing many millions of times more powerful than todays technologies”… Nick Ayton Deep Tech Advisor







































































 Your Information Assets will be stolen: 




As the recent Solarwinds hack demonstrates – state sponsored hacking can breach most cyber security systems and wreck havoc on organisations.  New algorithms that run on Quantum Computers can crack modern encryptions systems although there are some that cannot be breached.  There are things you can do now to defend against what is coming – Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) and Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).








Without new Authentication models Smart Cities and Autonomous Cars cannot happen:


Passwords are not safe and connot be an acceptable part of any enteprise, economy or system. For Smart Cities, Autonomous Cars and a new world of ‘edge connected’ devices and sensors to become reality, new authentication systems between machine to machine are needed – and yes they do exist and they are available today.



Digital Transformation is a myth unless done a certain way:


For the past decade your organisation has been sold a solutions that do not work. The myth that is going digital is meaningless consultant speak.  Digital Transformation is not a sticking plaster solution possible – goes to the very core of the operating model and proposition. Don’t fall for it.



 The Covid shake-out:


The Covid effect: most industry models were designed for a different era, a different time for a different purpose and no longer work in todays economies. The Covid impact has accelerated the demise of several industries, that were already failing…




Your corporate operating model is 100+ years old:


Management theory and organisational models hold back innovation, create friction and harbour costs – another reason why decentralised operating models simple outperform their centralised equivalents…