Why Nick Ayton?

Nick is on a mission to make sure powerful decision makers, business owners, Family Offices and governments understand the full extend of profound technologies that are about to reshape commerce, government and humanity.

Humanity has never had to deal with so many pervasive breakthrough technologies and inventions that have come ‘all at once’ that individually are disruptive but collectively will reshape entire industries, politics, and civilisation.

But, many of these technologies are complex, unpredictable and in the wrong hands well, you know the rest… Nick unpicks the complexity, positions the art of the possible and makes you think time and again with gems and facts that get your attention.

Nick explores how some inventions will change the fabric of our understanding of live itself, longevity, power generation, scarcity of resources, power and influence, voting and the rules of society are about to be thrown into the air.

“The opportunity that lies before us all is to know and understand the impact of these Deep Technologies, but also how they can be combined for strategic effect, competitive advantage, corporate survival and to give us all a healthy future.”

Nick Ayton Technologist, Futurist

Why book Nick as your event moderator and master of ceremonies?

Simply put you’d be in safe hands. Vastly experience in live events, can deal with any situation and knows how to keep the energy in the room and the conversation going. Putting both the audience, sponsors and speakers at ease his brand knowledge as a polymath means that he can cover a broad array of topics from capital markets, investing and asset allocation, deep tech and then drill down into specifics around synthetic biology, quantum, Ai, material science and new energy production, ir how the new corporate espionage is upon us.

His personable style, easy conversational approach, often with direct humour helps push things along keeping speakers on their toes, keeping the event to time and on point and ensuring the audience plays a part. Nicks view is anyone on stage is in the entertainment business albeit for a short time, that our job is to deliver three things – (i) entertainment for entry price (ii) leave with more information and insight than they arrived and (iii) have a chance to air their views and ask questions.

Event organisers love him because he just deals with technical issues, if a speaker drops out he isn’t phased, just fills the gap and continues. When speaker drop up he’s on hand, if they go off pistes he delicately redirects the conversation, and encourages speakers to open up. Often stepping in the deliver adhoc Q&A sessions and Deep Tech keynotes he’s a producers favourite.

Grasp of the issues...
Nick has a knack of quickly grasping the issues, putting complex things into simple language and asking the questions we all want answers to. His papers and articles take no prisoners and spell things out very quickly – what’s wrong with generativeAI, the data issue, Zero Gravity everything, Anti Matter without the boom, Technologies real influence on Culture and yes Synthetic Life forms, to why NFTs dont work, How wall street stole Bitcoin from the people, Why digital Transformation is impossible, to why you’re about to be hacked like never before and your corporate brand and value may just collapse in front of your eyes…

As a technologist Nicks fascination how these technologies can be combined, leveraged, shared to deliver 1000x uplift in performance, society and progress civilisation for everyone.

Asked about the events he Chairs, Speaks and Moderates – it’s all in the preparation and the secret sauce he defines as age and experience. It’s about track record having been on stage and live events for decades.

Nick is so determined that amazing technologies are seen, used and available for everyone he’s making a Documentary Series about Frontier Tech that is in production. This supports TV Series he’s written also entering production about Man vesus Artificial Generation Intelligence he sees as the ‘existential threat’…

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