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With cutting edge technology insights Nick can deliver Keynotes that will resonate with any audience. He often steps to deliver a strategic keynote or handle LIVE Q&A sessions and can handle most situations, audience tastes and subject matter.

Conference, Event and Summit Chair

Nick is a professional Summit and Conference Chair handling events from a few hundred to several thousand participants. His relaxed and engaging style is popular with audiences all over the road – from high net worth and global investors, to foreign and direct investment involving nations, to leading technology summits whether Blockchain Web3, AI or Quantum Nick can hold his own with the best.

Expert Panel Moderator

With age comes experience allows Nick to knowledgeable across a vast range of topics from asset allocation and investing, to technology transformation, longevity and wellness, deep tech and global commodities and energy. His relaxed style gets the most from speakers/panelists as he immediately puts them at ease.

“We enjoy working with Nick as summit chair because he isn’t phased by anything, when things go wrong or when speakers drop out or dry up, Nick is there to ensure the energy remains high and continuity continues”

Prem – CEO – UAE Events Production Company

Podcast Guest

Nick is a popular Podcast guest due to his broad knowledge and his often very different take on future tech, business models and new solutions available to businesses. Whether Quantum, Blockchain, Ai or Synthetic Biology and Material Science.


Nick delivers a range of unique consulting services specialising in developing innovative solutions by design – by combining exponential technologies that can deliver significant competitive advantage. His take on using advanced tech to build new business models is both compelling and astounding.


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