With an in-depth understanding of the massive shifts that are taking place in finance and other sectors, Nick is passionate about helping investors and entrepreneurs embrace and exploit these changes.

Family Office Adviser

Nick advises Family Offices and Sovereign Wealth Funds on Cryptocurrencies strategies and how to incorporate Blockchain investing into an investment strategy.

He helps clients understand how Tokenomics can create, store and exchanged value as part of a new Crypto Capital Markets. His clients, who have his full discretion, find his advice invaluable, enabling them to find deals and make investments in a rewarding Crypto-market, capitalise on ICOs building a sustainable portfolio and as a hedging strategy, due to all industries being dis-intermediated by the world of decentralised Blockchain technologies.

Nick is globally recognised thought leader known his insight and ability to get to the real issue fast. A sought after keynote speaker he also chairs some of the world’s largest Blockchain conferences and Investment Summits for Family Offices and made a name for himself while at the Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai in March 2018 talking about the end of Capitalism to a stunned audience.