Why is Nick so optimistic about Blockchain?

Nick is a libertarian and describes himself as a ‘cypherpunk’ [not cyberpunk this is different] . He is excited about the capacity for Blockchain technology to disrupt the status quo and bring about change that will result in wider access to the market, greater security, more transparency and improvements to people’s lives. He is a great supporter of sustainability and social impact projects and is passionate about the impact Blockchain-based solutions can have on renewable energy, humanitarian banking, low carbon emissions and renewable trading.



What Cryptocurrency does Nick specialise in?

Nick has a wide understanding of Crytonomics and Tokenomoics. He describes himself as an Ethereum believer and launched the 21 Million Project on the Ethereum Blockchain. He is also a long-time Bitcoin investor and has designed and built different Blockchains including Ethereum, NXT, Bitcoin, and other DLTs. He likes the look of Lightning and was tempted to build his own fast scaling Blockchain. 

Where does Nick run his Master Classes?

There is a thirst for Nick’s Master Classes on Blockchain worldwide. Nick has previously run his Master Class in London, Amsterdam, Cairo, Zurich, New York, Singapore and Seoul. To register interest in upcoming Master Classes please contact NA@NickAyton.com.

What does it cost to attend Nick’s Master Classes?

For further information on dates, times and cost please register your interest in Nick’s Master Classes by contacting NA@NickAyton.com.

Where can we access support with our Token Launch?

Nick’s funding platform Chainstarter provides a full support package for entrepreneurs and businesses planning a Token Launch. If you would like more intensive support and input from Nick please contact NA@NickAyton.com with details of your enterprise.