Master Classes
Nick believes that if you understand Blockchain and Crypto technologies there is nothing to hold you back from completely redefining industries and markets. And he is proving it with his own Blockchain-based businesses.

Nick shares this expertise with students of his Master Classes, which he runs in locations around the world and is a frequent speaker at MIT in Boston, LSE in London and other well known Universities.

The Nick Ayton Master Classes in Blockchain will:

Give you a broad understanding of Cryptonomics and the landscape of Blockchain including leading crypto currencies and networks Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Outline the seismic shift that Blockchain is bringing not only to finance but to the way entire businesses and industries are structured.


Provide practical experience and examples of his work and projects in entertainment & TV, Renewable energy & Climate Change, Humanitarian banking for the unbanked and from the 21Million Project and Chainstarter clients.


Provide an understanding of Tokenomics. Nick has read 1000’s of white papers and re-engineered a many business proposition so that can be used in a Blockchain and crypto environment.


Give you a complete view the ICO process from a regulatory, jurisdiction perspective and how value is created, stored and exchanged.


Outline how Blockchain with other technologies AI & Deep Learning, Robotic Process Automation and Quantum computing will herald a new generation of companies, redefine the nature of work and create entire new industries.

To find out more about Nick’s Master Classes and to register interest contact

LSE Course Contributors Nick Ayton – LSE Crypto currency

Nick also lectures in International Business Schools around the world.


“With Blockchain, Nick is leading the way in understanding and explaining how this technology is going to turn the financial services industry inside out.”

John Colley, Founder of the Six Minute Strategist