First let’s change your thinking…

We have reached a new tipping point for civilisation as the next wave of technology arrives. Technologies that are so powerful and pervasive, many see them as distructive and dangerous.  Quantum Computing, Autonomous Machine Learning Algorithms, QuantumAI, new Nano Materials, Atomic Keys and of course Blockchain are redefining how we see the world around us while others turn the rules of engagement on its head. The majoirty of board rooms and management teams remain unaware of what is already here, and oblivious to what is coming over the horizon. 

Blockchain is the most visible, delivering profound opportunities to design decentralised business models that scale much quicker than traditional business models, delivering new levels of trust and transparency that fosters closer collaboration and relationships between customers, community and the business. New advancements in Quantum technologies already have the potential to render all encryption and security models completely useless, unless you decide to make everything Quantum Safe and secure everything not even AI can penetrate.

These new technologies unlock new opportunities, new sources of wealth and value.  The issues with the current generation of Classical Computers have been revealled, surpassed  by a new generation of brute force computing that works at the atomic level – called Quantum Computing.

Despite what many claim, it is already here, it works and in the wrong hands will destroy your business…


The Hippocratic Oath...

Decisions are being made by technologists, governments, industry and academia on the basis of “Can We’ and NOT “Should We”…


Proliferation vs Disarmament

“We have entered the realm of particle physics, atomic level computing. Never before have we understood how nature really works in the rigid and fixed probablistic world of physics, biology and chemistry. Now replaced by the no-probablistic world of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Computing and Atomic level processing solutions”.

“Classical computing has been a limiting factor, delivering a safety layer of encryption and cyber protection that relied on the inability of computers to factorize large numbers”.

“Those days are over. Your data and information is now completely open, vulnerable and it will be taken… It is time for a new approach and new strategy…”

Nick Ayton Deep Tech Board Advisor

“Ignorance is not tolerated”


Board Advisory

On a retained basis helping directors, business owners and board rooms understand the implications of emerging technologies as both an opportunity and threat.

Delivering education and guiding the board towards developing adaptive strategies to deal with what is to come

Help the board ask the right questions and get the answers they need. 


Master Classes & Training

A Day session to learn from one of the worlds leading Blockchain and Quantum Thought Leaders:

Blockchain Courses: 

  • Why do decentralised business models outperform centralised models?
  • How do you design and build a business models that can scale at pace?
  • How can you unlock the power of the Blockchain for competitive advantage.


Project Consulting

How can I re-engineer my business model to benefit from the competitive advantage attributes of a decentralised business model?

How can I make my business Quantum Safe from any form of hacking or attack? do I understand and decide which new technologies to deploy?

Is my current strategy able to withstand the next wave of pervasive technologies?

In February 2019 I was invited by the governor of Pyeongchang in South Korea to advise them on their Blockchain and the introduction of a Digital Currency...

Quantum Outcomes…

Why every business needs a Quantum Safe Strategy…because what is coming cannot be defended against using conventional technologies!

Here is the thing. Albert Einstein struggled with the core concepts of Quantum Mechanics. In his world, like many of his generation outcomes and results can be predicted against a set of rules and laws. But those days are over. 

” The problem gets worse because modern encryption such as RSA relies on large number strings that classical computers find impossible to crack. But this is a myth on two levels. Human coded software and pseudo-random number generators leave the door open to AI, and with QuantumAI these pathways are easily found. The issue for all Security and Encryption systems is compounded by massively parallel computing grunt force of Quantum Computing that can crack it open in 100 seconds. This is the problem! Everything else doesn’t matter, and yes you can quote me on this”… 

Nick Ayton

Blockchain is the killer app…

Decentralised operating models outperform all other types, allowing businesses to scale at pace by building collaborative enterprise structures and platform economies, where everyone can benefit….

All businesses are able to move to a decentralised business model, and why I have developed a methdology and set of tools to support the business transformation” Nick Ayton  Blockchain Thought Leader

Quantum resistant Blockchains…

There are many ways to defend an organisation from attack, from hacking and intrusion. A new era of Quantum nano-materials that work at the level of particles (electrons and photons) has created an entirely new array of Atomic Keys and Quantum resistant products that can be deployed across any enterprise to ensure it is 100% protected.

Quantum Mechanics has been around for more than 100 years and has redefined how we approach solving humankinds biggest challenges. Quantum unleashing huge computing power millions of times more powerful thatn todays fastest computers. A new second generation of Quantum Products and Services in arriving that offers both strategic and competitive advantages…” Nick Ayton  Blockchain Thought Leader

 Other Services:

Board Advisory

  • Boardroom Education

  • Strategy Development

  • Planning & Execution


Master Classes & Training 

  • Why decentralised business models outperform other models?

  • How do you design and create business models that scale at pace?

  • What are the tools and methodologies available?


Strategic Implementation

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Quantum Safe Planning

  • Decentralised Operating Models


Business Development 

  • New Opportunity Flows

  • Market Entry (US,Middle East, GCC)

  • Large Contracts (Government)

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