First, let’s challenge your thinking…

“We have entered a new quantum age of sub atomic computing that is a trillion XX times more powerful than any computers we have today… To this point we lived in a science world of rigid and fixed probablistic domain of physics, biology and chemistry, now eplaced by the non-probablistic world of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Computing and Atomic level processing solutions – that reveals how we think the world around us works – doesn’t”.


“All encryption will soon be rendered useless as the technology we have had for the past few decades are shown to be inadequate”

 “Digital Transformation isn’t possible, it’s a myth and a lie propogated by Big Tech and Consulting businesses…it can never work”…

“Many business models were failing pre-Covid and now all customer behaviours have changed for good”…

“Organisational models and theories of management were designed for a different purpose and modern technology has prevented us moving forward, harbours friction, time an cost. Industries and business models are trapped and smothered by rigid systems of management and accounting “


Nick Ayton Deep Tech Board Advisor


“Ignorance is not tolerated”



Blockchain Advisory & Strategies

Design and Launch of Digital Financial Instruments

Blockchian operating model design and proofing

Tokenomics design – securities, payments and utility (vouchers, rewards, coupons)


Blockchain Design

Masterclass and advisory support on the design and development of – decentralised operating models

Decentralised Operating Models – find out why the scale faster and outperform their centralised equivalents

DeFi (decentralised finance) models, assets and functions

Advantages of Digital Assets

Issuer and Investor immutable contracts

Blockchain eliminates investor unknowns and doubt, provides certainty

Options for enhanced liquidity

Digital Financial Instrument design

Investor outreach and digital offerings


Further Insights…

Advantages of Decentrralsed Operating Models

Deliver transparency and trust that encourages participation 

Models scale much quicker handling millions of users quickly

Eliminates friction time and cost to deliver increased efficiency and productivity


Deep Tech

Understanding the implications of Deep Tech – AI, Quantum Comuting, AR/VR 

The Quantum Threat and Opportunity

Defending Corporate Informaiton Assets

Speaking & Events

Speaking to boards and company staff

Public speaking and large events (expos and exhibitions)


Quantum Threat

All security and encryption systems will be rendered useless within a decade

But there are thinks you can do now to protect your information assets


AI has arrived…

AI is both an opportunity and exitential threat to humanity

AI can accelerate commerce, innovation and deliver significant advantages

AI is also misunderstood


In February 2019 I was invited by the governor of Pyeongchang in South Korea to advise them on their Blockchain and the introduction of a Digital Currency...


Global Partnerships

Leading Blockchain Thoughtleader

Global Fintech Influencer

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