As the Founder and CEO of the Chainstarter Group Nick is at the forefront of Blockchain and Tokenomics engineering . His various businesses consult, advise and build Blockchain’s creating a successful Tokenomics structures and strategies are highly valued. His ICO Platform Chainstarter supports businesses through the entire ICO process, ensuring the product is viable and the marketing, technology, white paper and other essential components are in place. And invests in projects and helps founder raise capital from the investment community where he has good connections.

Bingeable Network

Nick is an advisor and investor to the LA-based Bingeable Network, an entertainment platform for creators to produce content and stream digitally and directly to subscribers.

Living Offset

Nick is on the Advisory Board of Living Offset (, which aims to use mobile app technology to enable users to offset the carbon used in their daily lives.


Nick is an Advisor to KnowMeNow (, a start-up using Blockchain technology to tackle cybercrime by building secure wallets for installation on smartphones.

Vireo Seeds

Nick is a Board Member of Vireo (, a Blockchain financing channel connecting global impact investors with local green projects in emerging economies.


Nick is an Advisor to Washington DC based Fetchcoin an AI social network for dogs that drives products and services footfall.

Mullen Technologies

Nick is an Advisor to California based affordable Electric Vehicle manufacturer Mullen Technologies who have advanced long range battery technologies. 

Finix Solutions

Nick is advising Finix solutions a next generation Wealth and Alternate Asset Administration platform built on the blockchain  

“If you are excited by the potential or concerned by the potential threat of Blockchain on your business, then you should give Nick a call.”

John Corr, CEO of